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Fu coaching

FU coaching offers information on style, fashion and over all well being for anyone in any situation in life. My Style by Fashion Unit – coaching helps one find their own personal style, how to accentuate their best qualities and strengths. As we grow and develop we will bring My Style by Fashion Unit coaching to various cities in Finland.

Send your application to hakemukset@fashionunit.fi

My Style by Fashion Unit –coaching offers advice in different parts of everyday life such as how to dress or have a healthy lifestyle and perform with confidence.

My Style- coaching starts with My Life Basic- part that gives us the starting point of the individual being coached. Through the My Life Basic-part lectures one gets in to the world of fashion and modeling, learns about the latest trends and gets re-enforcement for their personal style. During the My Life part we figure out one’s strengths and weaknesses with the help of professionals such as Leena Sarvi, a noted style consultant.

My Business – coaching is a new way to improve your work community. During the coaching the company’s employees learn skills that will help them in their work.


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